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Check here for the latest news on Spytech updates, software releases, and general news!

SentryPC Updated! (1.50 to 1.60)
Posted on 08.23.06

SentryPC 1.60 is an important update that all users should install. This update addresses and resolves a few critical bugs that have affected non-admin users.

Realtime-Spy 3.0 Released!
Posted on 07.01.06

Realtime-Spy 3.0 is the latest incarnation of our popular, remotely-installable computer spy software. Realtime-Spy 3.0 features an all-new administration area for easier log management, log viewing, and remote installation management. In regards to monitoring, Realtime-Spy now allows you to view actual screenshot captures of windows the remote user was interacting with, as well as file usage activity. In addition to many other new features, support has also been added for the latest version of AOL Instant Messenger (AIM Triton).

SpyAgent Updated! (5.38 to 5.39)
Posted on 03.09.06

SpyAgent 5.39 is a small update that addresses compatibility issues with the latest version of AOL Instant messenger (AIM Triton). Triton conversations are now logged properly.

NetVizor Updated! (4.18 to 4.19)
Posted on 02.27.06

NetVizor 4.19 is NetVizor's latest update. Chat conversation logging has been updated for improved compatibility with the latest version of AOL Instant Messenger (AIM Triton).

SentryPC Stealth Released!
Posted on 02.21.06

SentryPC Stealth is a special version of our popular SentryPC software that allows you to perform several types of PC access control, ranging from basic time management, to complete surveillance, content filtering, and child proofing of your PC - all in total stealth. Now users do not have to know that they are being monitored and restricted by SentryPC.

SpyAnywhere Updated! (3.03 to 3.04)
Posted on 01.22.06

SpyAnywhere 3.04 is a small update that makes SpyAgent's remote logs more organized, fixes a few remote administration commands, and addresses some minor program bugs.

SentryPC Released!
Posted on 10.19.05

We are proud to announce the release of SentryPC! SentryPC offers a complete solution for any type of PC access control, ranging from basic time management, to complete surveillance and child proofing of your PC. SentryPC offers powerful website filtering, application filtering and scheduling, time usage scheduling, keystroke interception filtering, chat client filtering, and comprehensive activity logging - ranging from keystrokes and websites logging, to application usage and chat logging. SentryPC is ideal for parents wanting to limit and monitor their children's computer usage, or employers wanting to make sure their employees stay on task.

Realtime-Spy Updated! (2.65 to 2.70)
Posted on 07.31.05

Realtime-Spy has been upgraded to version 2.70, from 2.65. Several bug fixes implemented. Some feature improvements were added.

SecurityWorks 2005 Released!
Posted on 02.22.05

SecurityWorks 2005 is the latest collection of our award-winning security, privacy, and monitoring utilities. SecurityWorks contains SpyAgent, PopupAgent, SpamAgent, PrivacyAgent, SpyLock, and PasswordLock. SecurityWorks brings you Spytech's popular solutions at a fraction of their individual retail cost.

Stealth FTP Account Service Launched!
Posted on 02.15.05

Our new Stealth FTP Account Service allows you to effortlessly receive SpyAgent's activity logs via FTP. Stealth FTP is easily setup and allows you the luxury of remotely monitoring your computer via its web-based login. Just point your browser to your password protected stealth-ftp.com/username website and you can view all of SpyAgent's activity logs that have been delivered.

Realtime-Spy Plus Released!
Posted on 12.01.04

Realtime-Spy Plus is an enhanced version of the original Realtime-Spy software that comes with a few additional features. Realtime-Spy Plus allows users to use an all new feature - email forwarding. Realtime-Spy Plus will log all incoming and outgoing POP3/SMTP email on the monitored computer - then forward each one to your own private, individual email address for later reading. Realtime-Spy Plus also allows users to choose a custom username, and monitor two computers (instead of just one).

PrivacyAgent Released!
Posted on 11.09.04

PrivacyAgent 4.0 is an upgrade and replacement for our former WebEradicator software. PrivacyAgent picks up where WebEradicator left off by adding new support for Netscape, Firefox, Mozilla, and Opera browser history/cookies cleaning. PrivacyAgent also features a new interface and a handful of bug fixes.

Stealth Email Account Service Launched!
Posted on 06.21.04

Our new Stealth Email Account Service allows you to send and receive emails in a totally secure and untraceable setting. The stealth email service also works with our SpyAgent software to guarantee remote log delivery - regardless of what ISP is being used (even ones that block outside email). Stealth Email also can be used separately for a secure email environment.

NetVizor 4.0 Released!
Posted on 02.13.04

NetVizor 4.0 is the latest incarnation of our network surveillance and administration software package. NetVizor 4.0 is a very expansive upgrade over previous versions - many new features have been added, as well as a new graphical user interface. NetVizor's new logging features include email logging (outgoing/incoming), events timeline logging, applications active usage duration logging, and software installations logging. Also added is a new alerts notification engine, improved stealth, and secure log encryption. Added to NetVizor's remote administration capabilities is a new security auditing tool, shares viewing, services listing, and much more. NetVizor's centralized viewer can now view multiple subnets from one location as well.


SpyAgent 5.35

SecurityWorks 2005

Realtime-Spy 2.64

NetVizor 4.15

SpyAnywhere 3.02

PrivacyAgent 4.0

SpamAgent 1.56

PopupAgent 2.1

SpyLock 4.0

"Love your product. Wanted you to know that I tried 6 different software packages for my home PC and yours is absolutely the best. I have already recommended it to 3 other people who were looking for such a product. The interface is amazingly easy and intuitive, the data which is captured far exceeded my expectations and is extremely easy to retrieve."

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